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Sunset - Sierra-Nevada vision quests

Full moon - Inyo Mountains vision quest
The Seventh Quest offers you a unique opportunity to reignite the fire fueling your life. We invite you on a vision quest, a contemporary, cross-cultural rites of passage ceremony allowing you to dive deeply into your own life story to rediscover the gifts you have to offer. Through an intimate encounter with nature, our vision quest realigns you with your distinctive purpose in life, empowering you to return to your life more connected to yourself and those you care about.

The offerings from The Seventh Quest are a branch of a larger initiative, Wild Sacredness, that offers tools to ignite the passion within one's self, relationships, and community. We offer a modern version of the ancient, traditional vision quest practiced by many different cultures – focused on reconnecting with the "Wildness Within," to reconnect with our life's purpose and rekindle our authentic power. Our Sacred Vision Quest is a spiritual journey, a window for transformation – a chance to reclaim and bring forth the power and joy of your authentic self. If you sense a calling to make a major shift in the way you live your life, our vision quest offers that opportunity in a dynamic way.

As participants engage with deliberate intention in this ceremonial journey, they gain access to priceless knowledge about who they essentially are. Reconnecting with that core, where Spirit is lively, leads to a profound personal transformation.

Who We Are – How this cross-cultural rites of passage journey allows you to address your limitations, ponder your own mysteries and meet a new vision of yourself.

The Quest – Explore the three phases of the vision quest experience: Severance, Threshold, and Incorporation.

Vision Quests – The Seventh Quest offers numerous vision quests per year, each in a dramatic natural setting, within the expansive Oregon and California wilderness.

Fire - Inyo Mountains vision quest

The Seventh Quest invites you…..

~ to rekindle the passion in your relationships and your lifework
~ to confront and go beyond your limitations
~ to tap into the core of your spirit
~ to respond to a call for change
~ to move toward a way of being that expresses your true purpose

We hope the following pages will spark your desire to make a major leap into a truly authentic life!

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What I discovered on my adventure with The Seventh Quest is that ‘out there’ is really ‘in here’. The process was really a soul excavation, where I was thoroughly prepared and supported by the guides to go way deep inside myself. The results have been truly life-changing.” ~ Lorna C., Director - Los Angeles, CA

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